Get the best car wash soap

If you love your car, then you should buy the best car wash soap and detergents to keep it clean. Your car will look just like it’s arrived from the showroom. Many people wash their cars with dish detergent in their kitchen, but it is strictly not recommended by the car experts. Dish detergents can destroy the wax on your car, and these are good for cutting grease on dinner plates. So, you may use just anything, any detergent or car wash soap but avoid the dish soap.

 Dish detergents and soaps can remove the top clear coat on your car to protect the paint. On the contrary, car wash soaps are specifically made for cleaning grimes without harming the waxed finish. Dish soaps are designed to clean dishes and food soils whereas car detergents are made specifically for cleaning dirt on the surface of your car without making it dull. Most people do not know the difference between dish detergents and the best car wash soaps that are recommended for cleaning the car surface, tires and bumpers. Car detergents may be expensive, but they are good enough to protect the surface and clean it without being harsh on your expensive car.

There are many advertisements on the television and in the newspapers about new brands in car wash soap and detergents. You can also search on the internet and find the best car wash soap for your surface. You can buy the buffing paint if you want to restore the car finish and wax it with some good quality car wax later on. Car wash soap and wax is extremely easy to use, and all you need is to buy the best brands for showroom perfect look of your finish.

Another important thing that you got to know before using dish detergents and laundry soaps, the manufacturers add too much alkaline in their products. The chemicals can easily strip the wax and damage the finish. If you really want to save some money for yourself, you can make a car wash soap right in your home. This way you will not need to buy expensive brands and tools to buff and clean your car, but you can make a gentle cleaner for your expensive car right in your kitchen or garage. If you are trying to save some dough, then buy a mild baby formula to clean her hair. Baby shampoos are gentle enough to clean the car and retain its gloss.

You can buy the best car wash soap after reading few reviews on the internet. Baby shampoo or the car wash soap is the best way to keep your car clean and preserve the finish of your car.

The best car wash soap – Get the best for your car

When you are washing your car at home you are polluting the environment. The phosphates in your car wash soap lead to the growth of algae blooms in water bodies around your community. These then would kill marine line in lakes and rivers around your home. However you can make a difference when you select the right soap to wash your car and keep the surface of your keep clean and shining. Below we have tried to offer valuable data on how to select the right soap for your car and also some care tips to understand when you wash them.

How do you select the right soap to wash your car

A common question that most car owners ask is whether they can use their clothes detergents to wash their cars. An expert in the area would point out the simple fact that detergents used to wash clothes have a large amount of soap suds in them which are very rich. When you clean your cars with these detergents you would be stripping your car surface of wax polish and paint too. Soaps used to wash dishes should be avoided. What is the best Car Wash Soap then? The best soap to wash your car would be a natural one which is made from vegetable soaps. These car wash soaps clean the surface of your car in a gentle manner and make it clean and shiny. They also do not contain phosphates which harm the environment in which you live. These car wash soaps also have the correct pH balance which does not remove the wax on the surface of your car.

Car Wash SoapCan you make a car wash at home?

If you are looking to make soap for your car wash then you would need cocoa butter, lemon juice and gallons of clean water. The first step to create this homemade car soap would be to add a few portions of pure cocoa butter soap in a single gallon of water and then squeeze the juice of a half lemon in it. Then the water needs to be made warm and your home made soap for your car wash is ready to be used. The moisture of cocoa butter adds sheen to the surface and the lemon juice extract removes the dirt and grime from the surface of the car. Homemade Car Wash Soap can also be made by adding a few scrapings of vegetable based soap to a gallon of water and warm it up. Then half a cup of Borax powder can be added to make this amazing car cleaning soap at home.

Popular car wash soaps in the market

Optimum Car- Wash

This is a soap marketed by Optimum Technologies. This soap has a great pH balance and gently cleans the car well using moderate leather. This car soap is biodegradable and does not harm the car or the environment where you live.

Super Slick & Suds from Poorboy’s

This soap for car wash has a rich lather which removes the stubborn dark particles which have been deposited in your car surface. This soap has lubricants which add a shiny and sheer finish to your car after it has been washed and dried.

Gold Car Wash from Mothers California

Mothers California is a company that specializes in quality products which are related to car care. The soap comes in concentrated solution and has to be mixed with cold water before your car is cleaned. The pH balance of the soap is great and no water stains are created on the surface of the car once it dries away.

3M Car-Wash Soap

This soap offers its car users high level of cleaning without damaging the car surface. This soap is free from phosphates which pollute the water bodies when you wash them at home and the dirty car washed water goes via drain into water bodies around your community.

Necessary Car Wash Tips

•    You must wash your car with a soap minimum once a week.

•    When washing the surface of your car with a sponge, you should use a soft sponge instead of a brush which might create stains.

•    After your car has been washed with car soap it would need to be wiped dry using a chamois leather and then later waxes. This would prevent oxidation from setting in.

Tips on getting the best car wash soap

Dish soap or laundry detergent are alkaline, and if you use them on your car, it may just strip wax. If you want to clean your car without spending a lot on car wash soaps as advertised by the manufacturers, use a baby shampoo. Baby shampoos are gentle and mild. Their formulation is pH-balanced and as effective as the best car wash soap.

If you want to know the truth, there is no specific car wash soap or any “right” brand and product to wash your vehicles. It is all your choice and depends on your motivation. You can buy the best car wash soap with a high price tag for the outlook. You can use any old car wash soap to clean the road grimes and dirt as long as it is not alkaline, it will not harm the surface. There are many inexpensive car detergents and washes that will do the basic job of cleaning your car, but high quality and expensive brands shall not breakdown the paint sealants and the layer of car wax.

Ordinary detergents and dish soaps increase the chances of swirl marks and scratches on the your car surface. The best car wash soap are formulated with lubricants that encapsulate dirt and grime particles. With the help of car wash soap, these dirt particles are rinsed away easily without harming the clear coat on your car. The car detergents leave behind the luxuriant aroma and beautiful finish. You will love the bubbles these pricey brands produce but once again it is a matter of personal preference.

You may choose what works best for you. Car wash soap and other tools and accessories can be purchased on the internet. You can buy the best car wash soap, brushes, sponges, mitt and top quality tools at reasonable price from any reputed website online.